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* Retriever Training & Pointing Dog Training from start to finish.  Bird Dogs, Companions, Master Hunters & Field Champions.
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Stud Dogs

Long Hollow's Delta Gunner MNR

Owner/Handler - Blake Gibson

FC Tiger Mtn's Bettin' on Black

Owner - Choral Jeffries  Skyriver Labradors

Long Hollow's Blue Devil JH

Owner/Handler - Ryker Fortier

We Breed, Train and Handle AKC Master Hunters and Master National Retrievers.

Master National Qualifier

Master Hunter


Master National Retriever


Master Hunter


2X Master National Retriever


Master Hunter

Hours of Operation

Monday - Saturday 9:00 am - 5:00 pm.  We do not schedule pick up days, drop off days, or visits on Sundays.  All visits to the kennel must be by appointment only.  We train dogs 5-6 days a week depending on our Hunt Test and Field Trial Schedule throughout the spring and summer.  To get on our schedule please email Ryan Fortier at

Long Hollow Retrievers LLP

We offer professional Retriever Training and Bird Dog Training for all breeds of Retrievers, Flushers and Pointing Dogs.  We are centrally located in Washington state. Ellensburg is readily available to clients from all over the Pacific Northwest and beyond.  Whether you are looking for a Hunting Companion or an AKC Master Hunter you are welcome to join us for a training day.  We offer a free evaluation of your dog and we welcome all aspiring dog trainers, handlers and bird hunters alike.  Long Hollow Retrievers also produces some of the best field bred Labrador Retriever puppies and started dogs in the Northwest.

4TA Photography by Ryan Fortier

The Proof is in the Pudding...

Ryan Fortier / Head Trainer

Ryan Fortier grew up hunting Pheasants in the Palouse, Chukar and Quail up and down the Columbia River and Waterfowl Hunting all over the Pacific Northwest.  His time spent Duck hunting as a teenager is where his true appreciation for Retrievers began.  After a rough upbringing and finding inspiration in what not to do, he soon found refuge training dogs in his free time and competing in AKC Hunt Tests and Field Trials.

After many years  perfecting his craft, Ryan began training gun dogs professionally in 2003 and he opened Long Hollow Retrievers in 2009.  During his time as a Pro Trainer and owner of Long Hollow Retrievers and Long Hollow Bird Dogs, he has developed the passion, wisdom, understanding, and patience that it takes to train the great retrievers and bird dogs that complete our team's as waterfowl and upland bird hunters.  His love for the process above all else, along with his competitive nature and desire to share has led him to the mentoring of other aspiring dog trainers and to the production of Long Hollow Outdoors TV.  Ryan Fortier has developed and trained many AKC Junior, Senior and Master Hunter Retrievers including Master National Retrievers as well as dogs with NSTRA field trial points and APLA titles.  These days with Blake Gibson handling most of the Retriever Training and Kennel duties, Ryan stays very busy training and handling pointing dogs, competing in NSTRA field trials, overseeing daily operations, editing and producing Long Hollow Outdoors TV, being a proud father, coach, bird hunter, photographer and more.  4TAphotography

- In addition to our Retriever training and breeding program that speaks for itself, we produce some of the best American Field English Setters and English Pointers in the Country!
- With a desire to be constantly learning, evolving and thinking outside the box,  I like to think that my experience, style, methods of teaching and training are unique.  They are the result of countless hours in the field with people and dogs.  I have had the opportunity to learn from many great trainers before me.  George Hickox, Bill Gibbons, John Greer, Larry Calvert and Mike Lardy just to name a few.  Methods are passed down from generation to generation but all the best trainers have something of their own that can't be explained.  Many years as both a Professional Retriever Trainer and Upland Bird Dog Trainer is what makes our program unique.   - Ryan Fortier

Blake Gibson / Retriever Trainer & Kennel Manager

Blake Gibson joined our team in 2018.  By 2019 he had turned in his amateur status to train Retrievers full time and take on 50% ownership of Long Hollow Retrievers.  Blake grew up fly fishing and chasing Ducks and Geese right here in the Kittitas Valley.  After he graduated high school and his life of baseball and basketball came to end, his passion for waterfowl hunting and retriever training was undeniable.  He is a professional that holds himself accountable and we could not have asked for a better addition to our Long Hollow family.  In 2021 and 2022 Blake and his dog Gunner qualified and passed the Master National Hunt Test.  He now handles all the day to day function of the kennel and he does an amazing job with all our Retrievers and their owners.  You will not find a more dedicated Waterfowl Hunter and Retriever Trainer anywhere on the planet.  Blake is also a member of the Pacific Calls pro staff and you can follow some of his adventure on  Long Hollow Outdoors TV  .  

Dog Training is not an exact science. 

Each one of your dogs is an individual as well as each of you handlers.  Contact us to set up a FREE consultation so that collectively we can decide what's best for you and your dog with regard to the training process.  We look forward to meeting you and your companion!

- Ryan Fortier


The true reality of Waterfowl Hunting and Retriever Training in the Pacific Northwest. Sharing the sport of Retrievers and Capturing the way great dogs complete our team as Waterfowl Hunters. Passing on the pure traditions of Waterfowl Hunting and Retriever Training to the next generation. Bridging the gap between East and West. We are not chasing limits with an outfitter. We train our own dogs, we scout our own birds and we put out our own decoys.